THE AVOCADO QUEEN opened in Novosibirsk

THE AVOCADO QUEEN opened in Novosibirsk

Avocado Queen Novosibirsk

The third-largest Avocado Queen restaurant opened in the heart of Novosibirsk. The partner of Arkadiy Novikov in Novosibirsk is Vitaliy Bregadze, with whom they opened their second restaurant.

There is a two-level light space with accurate color accents and complemented with bright details, with interesting zoning, surrounded by greenery, original lighting, open kitchen, sushi bar and contact bar rack. Located on the ground floor, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the European entourage, and can see the masterpieces of culinary art of European, pan-Asian, vegetarian cuisine are born, sticking to the gastronomic course of comfort-food. On the second floor there is a spacious VIP room with panoramic windows.

The chef of Avocado Queen Novosibirsk is Anton Manishin. The menu is not limited to avocado dishes: three kinds of paste, grilled meat, dark leg, warming soups, burrata with baked tomatoes and strachatella with broccoli and date dressage. A separate section in the menu is devoted to a variety of seafood, hand rolls and pan-Asian cuisine, as the project connected the kitchens of two popular establishments: "Avocado Queen" and "Meduza."
The Avocado Queen bar card features author 's cocktails. The wine map of the restaurant will certainly find a response from guests with a variety of preferences. Special sections are reserved for brand smooths and lemonades, which contain avocado flesh.

Avocado Queen Novosibirsk is a restaurant where avocado is cooked for breakfast, lunch and dinner, indulging you in interesting variations of poke, bowls and chirashi. Here an avocado combined with seafood, fish and vegetables and even with desserts. It is a place where you will fall in love with avocado finally and irrevocably! And yes, here you can purchase it with you.

25 Red Avenue, Novosibirsk
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