Do you like sea-food? Welcome to Magadan Rostov-on-Don!

Do you like sea-food? Welcome to Magadan Rostov-on-Don!

Magadan Rostov-on-Don

The famous restaurateur Arkady Novikov threw his chains into the regions, and a new location appeared on the Rostov map - a restaurant with a huge assortment of fish and seafood at the most humane prices!

A large cosy room with panoramic windows and views of Pokrovsky Square is the right place for any holiday and a fun weekend.

The menu is striking in its diversity and abundance: the legendary Magadan crabs and shrimps, Sakhalin sea urchins and scallops, Black Sea red mullet and raps.

Not sure what to start with? Order a large plateau of seafood - try it all at once. What is especially important - Magadan has direct deliveries with large fishing companies and small artels from the fishing regions of the country, which allows us to offer our guests maximum freshness of the seafood.

Gastronomy is not limited to this: in addition to fish and classic positions, there is a real expanse for the sweet tooth - unique desserts for every, even the most demanding, taste.

Magadan is always different. From Monday to Wednesday, it is a restaurant for family rest, sincere communication, enjoying delicious dishes and pleasant conversations. In the afternoon - a place for business meetings, cosy tasty dinners and Sunday morning parties for children. Well, there are cover bands and hot parties with DJs in the evenings, from Thursday to the end of the weekend in the restaurant. This is a time of music, dancing, and unrestrained fun!

Bright, colorful and festive Magadan is a great place for noisy gatherings in large companies and warm family visits!

39 Kirovsky prospekt, Rostov-on-Don
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