Moscow Gastronomic Festival at Novikov Group restaurants

Moscow Gastronomic Festival at Novikov Group restaurants

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Chefs of the Novikov Group restaurants present a special menu for Moscow Gastronomic Festival. These are different sets for the same price – 1900 rubles. You can try it till 31 of October.

[B]Avocado Queen[/B]
The Chef of the Avocado Queen Glen Ballis created a set with avocado. There are guacamole with gluten-free chips, shrimp tartare with mango and avocado, baked avocado with langoustine, tomato salsa and basil. For dessert, you can try the avocado cheesecake. Also, you can order a special cocktail which is a visiting cart of the festival.
20 Malaya Bronnaya, building 1, Moscow
+7 (495) 609-09-38

[B]Magura Asian Bistro[/B]
The Chef Glen Ballis created a special Asian menu for the Magura Asian Bistro restaurant. You can enjoy ell roll with mamenori, beef dumplings Shanghai style, green salad with miso dressing and hot beef. For dessert, there is a matcha tiramisu.
10 Presnenskaya embankment, B block, Moscow
+7 (495) 739-69-81

[B]Kavkazskaya Plennitza[/B]
For Moscow Gastronomic Festival the Chef of the restaurant Pavel Panteta presented menu with authentic Caucasian dishes: Georgian appetizers, Adjaruli khachapuri with homemade cheese and chicken egg, red lobio with relish, lamb and chicken kebabs.
36 Mira Avenue, building 1, Moscow
+7 (495) 680-51-11

There is a big set with 6 special dishes from the Chef of the restaurant Makar Tsoy: ankimo with shiso, tempura tofu, salmon sushi, salmon rolls with sweet cucumber, agedashi, caramelized pear for dessert.
1/14 Bolshoi Palashyovskiy Lane, building 1, Moscow
+7 (495) 276-70-67

[B]Cihan Turkish Steak & Kebab[/B]
In the Cihan Turkish Steak & Kebab restaurant you can find an authentic Turkish festival menu. There are different types of meze with hot flatbread, Alinazik kebab and warm Qatalama with kaymak, pistachio and ice cream for dessert.
21 Novy Arbat St, Moscow
+7 (495) 787-75-88

The Chef Mirko Zago created a set for the AIST restaurant. In the menu, there is some beef with turnip, octopus with broccoli and tomatoes, polenta with herbs, escargot and coffee, beef kidneys with spicy pumpkin and mussels, pear with sea buckthorn berries.
8/1 Malaya Bronnaya, Moscow
+7 (499) 940-70-40

In the SIRENA restaurant while the festival you can try a fish set from the Chef Alexey Gorevoy. There is a carpaccio of sea bass with ponzu sauce, Finland soup with salmon and halibut, sea bass filet with shrimps in sweet and sour and the Three chocolates dessert.
15 Bolshaya Spasskaya st., Moscow
+7 (495) 767-14-12

[B]Beloe Solnce Pustyni[/B]
The Caucasian set in the Beloe Solnce Pustyni restaurant from Evgeniy Demin, the Chef. You can try Achuchuk salad, a Laghman, kebab platter (lamb, beef, chicken) with flatbread from the tandoor. Also, you’ll have three dishes for dessert: carrot roll with nuts, the Mazurka cake, and roll with dried apricot and raisin.
29 Neglinnaya st., Moscow
+7 (495) 625-25-96

In the Uzbekistan, you can try Evgeniy Demin’s set, which includes the Tashkent salad, a Samsa with pumpkin, a Chorba, a lamb pilaf, a flatbread from the tandoor and sweet baklava.
29 Neglinnaya st., Moscow
+7 (495) 625-25-96

The Chef Andrey Polikarpov created for the Nofar restaurant one more festival set. It includes meze with breadsticks, salad with marinate turkey and figs, also some beef ribs with meat sauce and baked vegetables, for dessert – cigars with berries sauce.
12 Kutuzovskiy Avenue, building 3, Moscow
+7 (495) 933-21-23
Ресторан Nama — номинант премии «Что где есть в Петербурге» - 2020
Престижная ресторанная премия «Что где есть в Петербурге» от ИД «Собака. ру» ежегодно проходит в городе с 2015 года и каждый раз подводит его гастрономические итоги. Номинантов премии выбирает редакция издания.
Ресторан «Сыроварня» номинирован на премию от ИД «Собака.ру»
В рамках премии «Что где есть в Петербурге»-2020 от издательского дома «Собака.ру» ресторан «Сыроварня» выдвинут в категории «Лучшие завтраки Санкт-Петербурга».